Mesa Music Festival

Mesa Music Festival

November 8th - 10th, 2018 in Mesa, AZ
Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins

Live Music Showcases

Live Music Showcases

Over 200 Performances by Artists from Around the Country
The Dreamers

The Dreamers

Music Industry Symposium

Music Industry Symposium

Discussions and Mentoring by Industry VIP's
Bob Gruen

Bob Gruen

Fun For All

Fun For All

Live Art Installations, Car Shows, Vendors, and more!

Arizona's Premier Emerging Artist Festival

November 8th – 10th, 2018 in Mesa, AZ

The Mesa Music Festival is a free admission music and arts festival that celebrates the culture of Downtown Mesa.  With performances by over 300 artists from around the world, the Mesa Music Festival is the premier emerging artist festival in Arizona.

Special Guests

Bob Gruen

Legendary Music Photographer

Joel Feinberg

De Wolfe Music USA

Ross Ojeda

Notable Artists, A&M Records

Alex Gilbert

Artery Global

Poppy Kavanagh

Producer/Engineer - British Grove Studios

Greg Macolino

Poster Artist, Talent Buyer

Ed Masley

Music Editor, Arizona Republic

Jim Coletti

The Listening Room

MMF 2018 Lineup


Confirmed Artists

A Great Disgrace – Somerton, AZ
A Liar Like You – Tucson, AZ
A Man Called Ed – Phoenix, AZ
Absurd Tones – Los Angeles, CA
After the Calm – Glendale, AZ
Alise King – Detroit, MI
All Rights Reserved – Mesa, AZ
Almost Awake – Las Vegas, NV
American Longspurs – Phoenix, AZ
Andrea Flanagan – Lakeside, AZ
Annette Conlon – Culver City, CA
April Anne – Mesa, AZ
Ascent – Lake Forest, CA
Aubrey Rae – Mesa, AZ
Aunt B – Tempe, AZ
Autopilot – Saskatoon, SK
Aviva – Phoenix, AZ
Back Alley Pep Rally – Dayton, OH
BD Frank – Chandler, AZ
Ben Anderson – Phoenix, AZ
Blooming Fire – Los Angeles, CA
Brian Damage & The Memories – Scottsdale, AZ 
Brayden – Gilbert, AZ
Breaking Bones – Gilbert, AZ
Chad Gregory – Chandler, AZ
Chase the Comet – Los Angeles, CA
Christie Huff – Los Angeles, CA
Christina LaRocca – Los Angeles, CA
Corey PA – Phoenix, AZ
Courtesy Call – Mesa, AZ
Dallas Wayde – Salt Lake City, UT
Danielle Durack – Scottsdale, AZ
David Otto – Sydney, NSW
Dawn of the Rising – Chandler, AZ
Dawson Rutledge – Cranbrook, BC
Dead Wren – Los Angeles, CA
Deuandra – Scottsdale, AZ
Devil Lies Down – Mesa, AZ
Devin Kennedy – Los Angeles, CA
Divided Minds – Phoenix, AZ
Dianthus – Los Angeles, CA
Dizzy Mavis – Avondale, AZ
DogBrain – Albuquerque, NM
DS1! – Phoenix, AZ
exit.dream – Tucson, AZ
Eye the Realist – Los Angeles, CA.
Fallen From Skies – Mexico 
Finite Fiction – Sierra Vista, AZ
Forget Your Friends – Taft, CA
Fourbanger – Mesa, AZ
From Zero 2 Hero – Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Funeral Students – Waretown, NJ
Future Exes – Tempe, AZ
Gila Byte – Tucson, AZ
Gina Roode – Corona, CA
Harvey J. House – Phoenix, AZ
Hazen – Gilbert, AZ
Henry Thompson – Scottsdale, AZ
Her Name Echoes – Tucson, AZ
HEЯITAGE – Los Angeles, CA
Highest Conspiracy – Phoenix, AZ
Hurt and the Heartbeat – Los Angeles, CA
Ike Ramalho – Scottsdale, AZ

In Lessons – Tucson, AZ
In Memory Of – Mesa, AZ
Indogen – Phoenix, AZ.
Indigenous Robot – Denver, CO 
Insomniacs – Phoenix, AZ
Isiah Haji – Tucson, AZ
Jacob St. Aubin – Los Angeles, CA
Jacob Jimenez – Tempe, AZ
Jacob’s Brother – New York, NY
Jamie Lynn Vessels – New Orleans, LA
Janelle Loes – Phoenix, AZ
Jason Bennett – Columbus, OH
Jay Fleming – Baker City, OR
Jennie Johnson – Glendale, AZ
Jerry Boonstra – Nashville, TN
John Cornelio – Phoenix, AZ
Jordan Pittman – Mesa, AZ
Joshua Branson – New Jersey
Kevin Daniel – Brooklyn, NY
Kevin Tapia – Mammaroneck, NY
Kharachi – Phoenix, AZ
Kill Babylon Coalition – Camp Verde, AZ
Kuru – Phoenix, AZ
Lauren Davidson – New York, NY
Layden & The Lion – Lafayette, LA
Leah Janay – San Tan Valley, AZ.
Lenora Brown – Mesa, AZ
Lighthouse – Phoenix, AZ
Lilli Lewis – New Orleans, LA
Lisa Oorlog – Mesa, AZ
Lois Zozobrado – Chandler, AZ
Lost Static – Mesa, AZ
LUAU – Phoenix, AZ
Madyx – Los Angeles, CA
Malo De Dentro – Phoenix, AZ
MALU – San Diego, CA
Marilyn Mei – Phoenix, AZ
Maybe by Fall – Phoenix, AZ
Melissa Rios – Albuquerque, NM
Mellow Psychedelic Culture – Mesa, AZ
Miguel Melgoza – Phoenix, AZ
Mike Annuzzi – Redwood City, CA
Mike Lynch – Mesa, AZ
Mikey Jahbree Wooley – Phoenix, AZ
Miss Olivia & The Interlopers – Tucson, AZ
Moxytones – Mesa, AZ
Mt. Mural – Gilbert, AZ
Nikki Hayes – Gilbert, AZ
Odette/Odile – Goldens Bridge, NY
Oma – Oakland, CA
On Opening Night – Gilbert, AZ
Ori Kawa & The Entals – Phoenix, AZ
Over the Rhone – Cottonwood, AZ
Pat Beary – Prescott, AZ
Paul Alaniz – Gilbert, AZ
People Who Could Fly – Phoenix, AZ
Phoebe Marlow – Phoenix, AZ
Possy – Phoenix, AZ
PosterWall – Mesa, AZ
Promise to Myself – Phoenix, AZ
Pyrotechnica – Tucson, AZ
QUOR – San Diego, CA
Raiden Integra – Phoenix, AZ
Rascalin – San Clemente, CA

Raven Black – Glendale, AZ
Revel in Romance – Atlanta, GA
Revelry – Santa Clarita, CA
Rhythm Rampage – Phoenix, AZ
Rivky – New York, NY
Richard Pigkaso – Bronx, NY
Rival Alaska – Coachella, CA
Roma Ransom – Colorado Springs, CO
Ryan Biter – Flagstaff, AZ
Ryan & The Renegades – Mesa, AZ
Sammi Martinez – Chandler, AZ
Scott Bomberg – Gilbert, AZ
Seanloui – Mesa, AZ
Shane Zen – Morristown, NJ
Sharkk Heartt – Tucson, AZ
Ships Have Sailed – Los Angeles, CA
Shotgun Pearl – Mesa, AZ
Signal Vs. Noise – Portland, OR
Slap Daddy – Mesa, AZ
SLEEPWAR – Phoenix, AZ
Snailmate – Phoenix, AZ
Sophie Dorsten – Gilbert, AZ
Stereo Rex – Phoenix, AZ
Straightjacket – Orlando, FL
Sunday at Noon – Phoenix, AZ
Tarah Who? – Los Angeles, CA
Teammate Markus – Mesa, AZ
The August Reverie – Phoenix, AZ
The Big News – Oklahoma City, OK
The Blue Goats – Forest Hills, AZ
The Borrowers – Lake Havasu, AZ
The Brightside – Phoenix, AZ
The Headsmen – Gilbert, AZ
The Inversion Circus – Red Bank, NJ
The Joeys – Scottsdale, AZ
The Kraken Music – Las Vegas, NV
The Magnificent Daydrinkers – Flagstaff, AZ
The Mayan Factor – Baltimore, MD
The Night Owl Collective – Los Angeles, CA
The Paris Accord – Tucson, AZ
the Scorched – Mesa, AZ
The Shaun Peace Band – Richmond, VA
The Sound Bombers – Phoenix, AZ
The Whiskey Circle – San Diego, CA
The Wilders – Gilbert, AZ
Toney Rocks – Las Vegas, NV
Tracing Faces – Mesa, AZ
Tubefreeks – Baltimore, MD
Undecided Youth – Peoria, AZ
Vanilla Sugar – Houston, TX
Vermillion Road – Denver, CO
Vic Tims & The Kentucky Rifles – Phoenix, AZ
Voodoo Boogaloo – Canyon Lake, TX
Vox Eagle – Evergreen, CO
War Twins – Los Angeles, CA
We Revolt – Phoenix, AZ
Weak Made Strong – Whittier, CA
Wes Sp8 & The Apollo Proxy – Seattle, WA
Wes Urbaniak – Huntley, MT
While She Waits – Surprise, AZ
Whitney Jones – Phoenix, AZ
Wicked Sister – Phoenix, AZ
WZRD – Indianapolis, IN


Want to take a break from the music?  The Mesa Music Festival welcomes local businesses, artists, and non-profits to showcase and sell their products for festival attendees on Saturday, November 10th from 12pm to 10pm.



The Mesa Music Festival is, and always will be, 100% FREE TO ATTEND.  All aspects of the Mesa Music Festival are open to the public and are absolutely free of charge.  Space for certain events is limited, so be sure to arrive early if there’s something you definitely want to attend.  


The Mesa Music Festival features live performances in both indoor and outdoor venues along Main Street in Mesa, AZ.  Venues include both  traditional and non traditional stages in local businesses in Downtown Mesa.  See Participating Venues for more information.  


Downtown Mesa features several delicious restaurants and lively bars that are sure to delight your taste buds.  We encourage Mesa Music Festival attendees to check out the local businesses within the festival grounds.  


Parking is FREE in Downtown Mesa and there are plenty public lots that will be available during the Mesa Music Festival.  



Ramada Mesa-Mezona Hotel

250 W Main St.
Mesa, AZ 85201 
(480) 834-9233
Call and mention MMF for the best rate. 


Participating Venues

Bands and musicians interested in the applying to play the festival can submit an official application . For questions regarding your application or performance, please contact us at



Event Location

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    Downtown Mesa
    Mesa, AZ 85201, USA
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