Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson

Keynote Special Guest


Mesa Music Festival Headliners
Mesa Music Festival

Mesa Music Festival

November 9th - 11th, 2017 in Mesa, AZ
Live Music Showcases

Live Music Showcases

Over 200 Performances by Artists from Around the Country
Music Industry Symposium

Music Industry Symposium

Discussions and Mentoring by Industry VIP's
Fun For All

Fun For All

Live Art Installations, Car Shows, Vendors, and more!

Arizona's Premier Emerging Artist Festival

November 9th – 11th, 2017 in Mesa, AZ

The Mesa Music Festival is a free admission music and arts festival that celebrates the culture of Downtown Mesa.  With performances by over 200 artists from around the world, the Mesa Music Festival is the premier emerging artist festival in Arizona.

Special Guests

Randy Jackson

American Idol, Producer, A&R

Leigh Lust

VP of A&R at Pledge Music

Geordie Gillespie

VP of The Hatchery; former SVP of Promotions at Sony, Virgin

Rene Mata

Artist Management at AAM, A&R at Red Bull Records

Paul Insinna

Artist Management, Entertainment Attorney

Ed Masley

Music Editor, The Arizona Republic and AZcentral.com

Kurt Kowalski

Attorney, The Business Before the Music Business

Mesa Music Festival
2017 Lineup

P. O. D.

San Diego, CA

Randy Jackson

Los Angeles, CA

76th Street – Scottsdale, AZ
After The Calm – Phoenix, AZ
Almost Awake – Las Vegas, NV
Angelina Alexon – Las Vegas, NV
April Anne – Mesa, AZ
Audra – Mesa, AZ
Autopilot – Saskatoon, Canada
Bask – Phoenix, AZ
BD Frank – Chandler, AZ
Belinda Esquer – Tucson, AZ
Ben Rice Band – Portland, OR
Bernie Lezotte – Tempe, AZ
Bloody Rogue Bastards – Mesa, AZ
Broke Royals – Washington, DC
Brook Sample – Tucson, AZ
Bruce Hecht – Paradise Valley, AZ
C:28 – Prescott Valley, AZ
Cadence Acoustic Trio – Phoenix, AZ
Caleb Trask – Los Angeles, CA
Callie Young – Peoria, AZ
Chad Rubin – Scottsdale, AZ
Ciara Cisneros – Queen Creek, AZ
Chatora – Mesa, AZ
Clint Stevens – Tempe, AZ
Cloudship – Fresno, CA
CMRN Hill – Phoenix, AZ
Colten Hood – Gilbert, AZ
Danielle Durack – Scottsdale, AZ
Dawson Rutledge – Cranbrook, BC, Canada
Decibel – Harrison, NJ
Deuandra – Scottsdale, AZ
Devil Lies Down – Mesa, AZ
El West – Phoenix, AZ
Elysian Drive – Cottonwood, AZ
Experiment 34 – New Brunswick, NJ
Fall of Silence – Los Angeles, CA
Fun While You Wait – Freehold, NJ
Gerry Magallan – Mesa, AZ
Happy Yams – Chandler, AZ
Harvey J. House – Phoenix, AZ
Hazen – Gilbert, AZ
Hi Money – Chicago, IL
Highland Kites – Arcadia, CA
Highest Conspiracy – Avondale, AZ
Hy Brasil – Ventura, CA
I M Coble – Glendale, AZ
Insomniacs – Gilbert, AZ
Itanza Saraz – Los Angeles, CA
Izzy Mahoubi – Nashville, TN

j and the 9s – Brooklyn, NY
JAM NOW – Phoenix, AZ
JC Triple Threat – Phoenix, AZ
John Cornelio – Phoenix, AZ
Jorda Pittman – Mesa, AZ
Jude Valentine – Bisbee, AZ
Just Seconds Apart – Phoenix, AZ
Kojo Stone – Brooklyn, NY
Laci Kay – Los Angeles, CA
Lane Change – Phoenix, AZ
Layden & The Lion – Lafayette, LA
Les Fradkin – Parker, CO
Lisa Mitts – Auburn, WA
Lois Zozobrado – Chandler, AZ
Loser’s Way Home – Phoenix, AZ
Lost in Atlantis – Redondo Beach, CA
Mary Scholz – Los Angeles, CA
Medusa’s Disco – Lancaster, PA
Megan Betley – Los Angeles, CA
Melanie Anne – Albuquerque, NM
Melissa Rios – Albuquerque, NM
Midnight Clover – Henderson, NV
Miss Kristin – Scottsdale, AZ
Mission G – Phoenix, AZ
Monaghans Dixon – Tempe, AZ
Monja Hammond – Madrid, Spain
Moxy and The Influence – Costa Mesa, CA
MSD – Tempe, AZ
Nate Mays – Columbus, OH
Not This Day – Aromas, CA
Nove Mese – Mesa, AZ
People Who Could Fly – Phoenix, AZ
Peyton Stilling – Dallas, TX
Phoebe Marlowe – Phoenix, AZ
P.O.D. – San Diego, CA
PosterWall – Mesa, AZ
Profetic Cavaleras – Tyler, TX
Reliance Code – Stigler, OK
Sabrina Lentini – Tustin, CA
Sammi Martinez – Chandler, AZ
Sara Phillips – Los Angeles, CA
Says the Preacher – Mesa, AZ
Season 3 – Phoenix, AZ
Serena Nicolle – Phoenix, AZ
Shari Rowe – Phoenix, AZ

Sinshrift – Gilbert, AZ
Sleepwar – Phoenix, AZ
Society Falls – Chino Hills, CA
Sonder City – Los Angeles, CA
Sophie Dorsten – Gilbert, AZ
States & Capitals – Los Angeles, CA
Stays in Vegas – Little Rock, AK
Stereo Rex – Chandler, AZ
Straight Villain – Tucson, AZ
Sunday at Noon – Phoenix, AZ
Swerve – Los Angeles, CA
SugarWater – Phoenix, AZ
Syde Project – Mesa, AZ
Taylor Hernley – Mooresville, IN
Taylor Tote Band – Monmouth, NJ
Teammate Markus – Phoenix, AZ
Ted Z & The Wranglers – Costa Mesa, CA
The Brightside – Phoenix, AZ
The Dafneys – Newport Beach, CA
The Hardways – Phoenix, AZ
The Indigos – Muncie, IN
The One’s You Loved – Dallas, TX
The Rob West Band – Peoria, AZ
The Rough – San Diego, CA
the Scorched – Mesa, AZ
The Sink or Swim – Tempe, AZ
The Smiling Faces – Phoenix, AZ
The Stanleys – Perth, Australia
This is Decibel – Harrison, NJ
Thoughts Like Rockets – Mesa, AZ
Torn at the Seam – Tempe, AZ
Trace – Phoenix, AZ
Trey Odum – Phoenix, AZ
Troubled Minds – Mesa, AZ
Trynket – Los Angeles, CA
Two Past One – Phoenix, AZ
Ukulele Hiro – Osaka, Japan
Undecided Youth – Phoenix, AZ
Vic Tims & The Kentucky Rifles – Phoenix, AZ
Vintage Wednesday – Mesa, AZ
Warriors of the Month – Phoenix, AZ
We Revolt – Phoenix, AZ
Welcome to the Midwest – Mesa, AZ
Wes Williams Band – Prescott, AZ
Weslynn – Phoenix, AZ
Wiser Time – Asbury Park, NJ


Want to take a break from the music?  The Mesa Music Festival welcomes local businesses, artists, and non-profits to showcase and sell their products for festival attendees on Saturday, November 11th from 12pm to 10pm.



The Mesa Music Festival is, and always will be, 100% FREE TO ATTEND.  All aspects of the Mesa Music Festival are open to the public and are absolutely free of charge.  Space for certain events is limited, so be sure to arrive early if there’s something you definitely want to attend.  


The Mesa Music Festival features live performances in both indoor and outdoor venues along Main Street in Mesa, AZ.  Venues include both  traditional and non traditional stages in local businesses in Downtown Mesa.  See Participating Venues for more information.  


Downtown Mesa features several delicious restaurants and lively bars that are sure to delight your taste buds.  We encourage Mesa Music Festival attendees to check out the local businesses within the festival grounds.  


Parking is FREE in Downtown Mesa and there are plenty public lots that will be available during the Mesa Music Festival.  



Participating Venues

Bands and musicians interested in the applying to play the festival can submit an official application . For questions regarding your application or performance, please contact us at artists@mesamusicfest.com



Event Location

  • Event Location
    Downtown Mesa
    Mesa, AZ 85201, USA
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Additional Information:

For festival information, please contact info@mesamusicfestival.com
For artist information, please contact artists@mesamusicfestival.com

For sponsorship information, please contact:
602 Higgins Avenue, Unit 294
Brielle, NJ 08730
ph: (732) 203-7787
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